The draft league format is one of the formats used to play competitive Pokemon. The format focuses on the ability to counter team your opponent the best way possible.
draft-league.nl is one of the tools available for leagues to organize and automate most of the processes needed to play the format.
draft-league.nl wants to make draft leagues accessible to everyone so everyone can experience the format and have fun playing it.
Besides that, draft-league.nl aims to become a reliable source for draft league related information over time.

Leagues: 327 || Seasons: 876 from which 790 completed and 86 active || Coaches: 5390 from which 1875 are currently active || Played matches: 82227

draft-league.nl is created and managed by AutoMatthic. The website is 100% free to use. Neither does the website make use of ads in any way.
For those who do wish to compensate for the time spend on developing and maintaining the website, as well as web hosting fees, can check out the Patreon linked below.
Doing this is completely optional. For those who want to support the website in a non financial way, as well as staying up-to-date with the development of the website, you can check out the other platforms linked below.

The creation

The first version of draft-league.nl was developed back in 2015 as a fun little hobby project to give my own draft league something to stand out. As time went by, more leagues were interested in using the website, which lead to the first public version being released in 2018. Ever since, draft-league.nl has been providing a platform to many leagues to host their seasons on. The data obtained through all seasons played on draft-league.nl is being combined and publicly available to everyone who wishes to get more intel on the format. By using this, draft-league.nl aims to become a reliable source for draft league related information over time.


The website is able to provide:

  • coaches with an individual account which they can use for every league they are in on the website (also possible to use a different team name in every league, while using the same account);
  • each coach an individual, automatically generated home page with all the needed information to play;
  • each retired coach a general home page, giving the retired coach a good overview of what is happening in the league;
  • a public website where spectators can follow what's happening during a season;
  • an upload delay for YouTube leagues which makes sure result aren't being showed on the public website if a match isn't uploaded to YouTube yet;
  • a draft bot which can be customised to fit almost any draft style and fully automates the entire draft process (including an option for coaches to queue up the next picks);
  • full integration of Porygon which will automatically submit battle results of Showdown league;
  • a fully random schedule generator (also possible to submit your own custom schedule);
  • a team page for each team containing the current draft (including notable capabilities for the format the league plays in and the type matchup of the team), info on matches and statistics of the current and past season, as well as all past drafts;
  • a matchup page which can be used to quickly get an overview of any given matchup in the league, including useful information like important capabilities and type matchups;
  • a ranking page which can generate both a general ranking as well as a setup with multiple conferences with divisions if the league uses those;
  • a page that shows the final regular season ranking of all past seasons;
  • a schedule page which shows all battles (including results) of the current season.
  • a match detail page which shows the final score, replay (if the league uses Showdown) and all Pokemon brought and their stats;
  • a way to generate a Discord taglist for mods which contain all unplayed games of each week;
  • a tier page which can be modified to support almost any possible setup for a draft;
  • various mod options to update your tiers, manage your complex bans as well as copy over the tiers from any other league on the website;
  • an easy way for coaches to submit battle results (for the leagues who don't use Porygon);
  • a bot that posts all match results in a Discord channel (either after Porygon did the work or if a coach manually submitted);
  • an easy way for mods to confirm battle submissions;
  • an easy way for mods to update battle results and details;
  • a page full of statistics from every season every played and from all seasons combined;
  • a page for each individual Pokemon which has been used in your league, along with all available stats;
  • a search function which can be used during the draft or for FA's to find the Pokemon you are looking for, based on many criteria;
  • a overview of all transactions made during the season;
  • an easy way for mods to update the roster of a coach (trades, transactions, adding and removing Pokemon);
  • a hall of fame, showing the outcome of past seasons;
  • a page where each coach can update all related information of their account like team name, logo, timezone, social links, etc.;
  • various options to update your line-up, divisions, playoff ruling, etc. in between seasons;
  • a periodic check by plagiarism software to look for coaches who are potentially using the logo of another coach on the website;
  • a mod option to replace coaches with another coach for mid season dropouts;
  • a mod option to out game forfeit a battle;
  • a mod option to close a current season so a new one can be started;
  • the ability to import past seasons which made use of a Google Sheet.

The website will always stay in development and therefore new features (or extending of existing features) will come over time. If your league requires some customization, that should be possible in most cases.

Support me

The website is free to use for everyone I grant permission and also doesn't contain any ads. However, developing, hosting and maintaining the website does cost time and money. For this reason, you can choose to support me through Patreon. This is 100% optional and not required in any way. Nor will anything be compromised for those who don't wish (or aren't able) to support through Patreon. Only support with your own money and if you are able to financially support yourself. Since any amount helps, you can support with any amount starting from only $1 per month.


This website is developed by AutoMatthic using the Bootstrap Material Admin Pro framework for which a license was bought. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and GameFreak. The used sprites are intended for educational and entertainment purposes, the art of battling. The Pokemon and their sprites which are used are from a Pokemon game, or substantially derived from one and are being used according to fair use. The team logos are either obtained directly from the coach claiming the logo to be theirs or from the moderator of a league which the coach is in. The same goes for the league logos. If a coach/moderator is using a logo which you believe belongs to you, and you didn't gave said coach/moderator permission to use it, please get in touch with the user of the logo first, if that doesn't solve things, feel free to reach out to AutoMatthic#8444 on Discord! Making this website took me a lot of time and effort, therefore the website is not allowed to be used, copied or being modified in any way without permission of AutoMatthic. If you want to use the website for your own league, you can use !newleague in my Discord.