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I don't ask leagues to pay fees in order to use draft-leauge.nl and I also don't run any ads. However, developing and maintaining the website does cost me time and money.
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About the website

The creation of this website started as a fun little hobby project to give my own draft league something to stand out. A lot of leagues are using Google Sheets and where I have to agree they are (at least some of them) usable, they are sometimes a big mess where you look at a lot of things and can't seem to find what you are looking for. Information is spread all over multiple sheets, exactly that is what makes this website stand out. Everything in one place, easy to find with a good designed user interface. Another big thing this website has going for it over Google Sheets, is the fact it is always up-to-date and doesn't rely on each individual coach to keep track of their own team and stats (which, let's be honest, always goes wrong in any not major YouTube draft league). The last thing which is a big plus of using this website is the fact it keeps track of everything which has happened in any season of your league ever. This gives you a lot of intel in how coaches and Pokémon are performing in your league over time, also compared to other leagues.

In the end, our goal is to not only provide the best possible service for managing draft leagues, but also to become the best possible source for reliable information about the format, supported by the league data gathered when using the website.


The website is able to provide:

  • Each coach an individual, automatically generated home page with all the needed information for the coach.
  • Each retired coach a general home page, giving the retire coach a good overview of what is happening in the league.
  • A public portal for your viewers.
  • An upload delay, making sure result aren't being showed on the public portal if a match isn't uploaded to YouTube yet (for YouTube leagues who upload behind schedule).
  • A draft bot which takes away all hustle of hosting a draft since everything will go fully automatically.
  • A team page for each coach containing all drafts, matches and statistics of the coach/
  • A ranking page supporting every possible logical scenario from a general ranking to multiple conferences with divisions.
  • A schedule page with all not played matches in the active season.
  • A result page with all played matches in the active season.
  • An overview of your tiers (supporting tiers, points and free draft), including z prices if required.
  • An easy and user friendly way of submitting battles and replays.
  • An easy and user friendly way of managing match submissions for the moderators.
  • The option to send a Discord notification if a game as been played and submitted (if so desires).
  • A way to update your transactions (trades, free agency and z captain changes) with almost no effort.
  • A way to forfeit or tie a match with almost no effort.
  • A way to update your tiers with almost no effort.
  • A page full of statistics from every season every played and from all seasons combined.
  • A page for each individual Pokémon which has been used in your league, along with all possible needed information and stats.
  • A page showing all transactions (including the day from which they are valid) in your active season.
  • A free agent list showing all Pokémon which are currently not on a team.
  • A hall of fame, showing the outcome of past seasons.

The website will always stay in development and therefore new features (or extending of existing features) will come over time. If your league requires some customization, that should be possible in most cases.

The website is also able to insert past season Google Sheets so those won't get lost if you move to Draft-League.nl. The website is able to insert them if the following conditions are met:

  • The sheet contains a full schedule in the form of a list (so not a cross table).
  • The Pokémon names on the sheet are correctly spelled and the same as they are on Pokémon Showdown (for example it is Rotom-Mow, not Rotom-Cut).
  • The sheet kept track of how many times a Pokémon has been brought to a game.
  • The sheet kept track of how many direct kills and how many indirect kills each Pokémon got (so not direct and indirect summed, but seperate).
  • The sheet kept track of how many times a Pokémon fainted.

Unsure if your sheet would be able to insert (with maybe some little changes)? Be sure to reach out to me so we can look at it together and see if we can work something out!

Support me

Currently, the website is free to use after for everyone I grant permission and also doesn't have a single ad. However, developing and maintaining the website does cost me a lot of time and I have to pay fees for hosting the website (server and domain cost). For this reason, you can choose to support me through Patreon (which also gives you some benefits). Any small amount can help me to keep developing the website =]


This website is developed by AutoMatthic using the Bootstrap SB Admin 2 template under MIT license. Pokémon is owned by Nintendo and GameFreak. The used sprites are intended for educational and entertainment purposes, the art of battling. The Pokémon and their sprites which are used are from a Pokémon game, or substantially derived from one and are being used according to fair use. The team logo's are either obtained directly from the coach claiming the logo to be his/hers or from the moderator of the league which the coach is in. The same goes for the league logo's. If a coach/moderator is using a logo which you believe belongs to you, and you didn't gave said coach/moderator permission to use it, please get in touch with the user of the logo first, if that doesn't solve things, feel free to reach out to me!
Making this website took me a lot of time and effort, therefore the website is not allowed to be used, copied or being modified in any way without permission of AutoMatthic. If you want to use the website for your own league, reach out to me!