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League Overview
League Full name Owner Socials
WBE World Battle Entertainment aDrive
NPA National Pokemon Association Joedor
UBL Ultimate Battle League AutoMatthic
APA American Pokemon Association panther2
APALC APA Little Cup WiFi Ogalbina
LBC Last Battle Circuit Kyleaye
EWT Eon World Trophy AutoMatthic
MPL Major Pokemon League Blue Rogue
IBA International Battle Association Odds
ICBA International Competitive Battling Association Johnny GB
PGBL Pokemon Global Battle League Rewt8100
SNDL Shark Nation Dream League Sharpedo43
PGL Pokemon Global League Trexo
DBL Development Battle League OldSchoolSin
ABL Amateur Battle League CurseShaka
IPL International Pokemon League Majors AutoMatthic
IPL Minors International Pokemon League Minors AutoMatthic
IPL Open International Pokemon League Open AutoMatthic
LDL Majors Lonely Draft League Majors Jetman99
LDL EVO Lonely Draft League EVO Jetman99
LDL Showdown Lonely Draft League Showdown Jetman99
WSS World Showdown Series AutoMatthic
SBL Spriters Battling League Burn
SBN Saffron Battle Network ExpAwesome
TSL Talent Squad League Vepsis
PBF Pokemon Battle Federation ZAMCRO
FPL Fun Pokemon League Haybuck
FPL Open Fun Pokemon League Open Haybuck
PBL Pokemon Bundesliga +Tailwind Eagle
GPBA Global Pokemon Battle Association MrCarbonite
SSBL Super Singles Battling League Austriangeorge
PBAL Pokemon Battling Association League Aaron12
PBAL Minors Pokemon Battling Association League Minors Aaron12
VPL Valhalla Pokemon League Skyrander
TDZ The Draft Zone George
TAO The Almighty Ones Jolteon4OU
ABC Association of Battlers Championship Blazingify
NPDL National Pokemon Draft League Colerocket21
CBDL Celestial Battleground Draft League GodKEG
DUC Down Under Championship Knalley
OUBL Omega Ultimate Battle League MHNmocranker
PPL Polish Pokemon League Kero
IDL Inferno Draft League Blazingify
LOEG League Of Extraordinary Geodudes therealreptar
GNC GNC Undeground Pokemon League Agent_Jaybird
PHDL Pixelmon Harmony Draft League AC130
JSL Jays Showdown League JaylandGS
APL Alicante Pokemon League Deivino
BILL British Imperial Legion League Coffee Capone
PTG PTG Draft League Championship fresherthanjuice
SCL SoCal Championship Draft makayta
XDL Xpert Draft League Zeni
PUDL PU Draft League Zeni
SL Sizzle League Dizzle
WWC Weather World Cup Zach
TTEC Titan Thunder Draft Whirled
DRL Dragons Roost League MikkaNWin
PKMNGL Pokemon Generations League Meme
OEDL Oswego Esports Draft League Teaqq
RPL Rumble Pokemon League Sergeant
UPA Ultimate Pokemon Association Krook_27
SPDL Sivas Pokemon Draft League PokemonTrainerOrange
RCL Rival Cup League Zaudim
GSF Gen Six Federation AutoMatthic & Martin
LTDL Low Tier Draft League AutoMatthic, Martin and Sammy
PUL Pokemon Uber League Zombie
PUL WiFi Pokemon Uber League WiFi Zombie
TMATTS The Mod And The Test Subject Djezze
BRL Breedables Royale League Dix
HHL Handheld League Pixxelated
PSS Pokemon Server System Draft League Haamu
EBA Elite Battle Association Pokemon League nooKers