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Gigantamax Division

Dynamax Division

Rank Team W L Diff
Denver Dragonite
0 0 0
Houston Ekans
0 0 0
Poole Poipoles
0 0 0
Arad Exegutors
0 0 0
Hasty Furrets
0 0 0
Naranjito Nincada
0 0 0
Charlotte Cacturns
0 0 0
Georgetown Gallades
0 0 0

Season 2 Kill Leader

Pokémon Kills Team

Season 2 K/D Score

Pokémon Kills Deaths K/D Score Team

Season 2 Deaths Per Match Played Percentage*

Pokémon Matches Deaths Percentage Team

*At least 3 games played.

Season 2 Amount Of Times Brought To A Game

Pokémon Matches Team

Season 2 Coach Winning Percentage

Team Matches Wins Percentage

Season 2 Most Deaths

Pokémon Deaths Team