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Rank Team Record
1 Nashville Nidokings 0-0 (+0)
2 Helgen Hydreigons 0-0 (+0)
3 Hellblaze Volcaronas 0-0 (+0)
4 Reding Raikous 0-0 (+0)
5 California Crawdaunts 0-0 (+0)
6 Indianapolis Molts 0-0 (+0)
7 Celestial Tower Corviknights 0-0 (+0)
8 Grayling Vikavolts 0-0 (+0)
9 Omanytes of Round Table 0-0 (+0)
10 Shining Snoms 0-0 (+0)
11 Ash 0-0 (+0)
12 Salty Scizors 0-0 (+0)
Active season kill leader
Rank Pokemon Kills Team
Active season K/D
Rank Pokemon K/D Team
Active season deaths per match*
Rank Pokemon Deaths per match Team

*At least 3 games played.

Active season most brought
Rank Pokemon Matches Team
Active season coach winning percentage
Rank Team Wins/matches
Active season most deaths
Rank Pokemon Deaths Team
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