The draft league format is one of the formats used to play competitive Pokemon. The format focuses on the ability to counter team your opponent the best way possible.
draft-league.nl is one of the tools available for leagues to organize and automate most of the processes needed to play the format.
draft-league.nl wants to make draft leagues accessible to everyone so everyone can experience the format and have fun playing it.
Besides that, draft-league.nl aims to become a reliable source for draft league related information over time.

Leagues: 327 || Seasons: 876 from which 790 completed and 86 active || Coaches: 5390 from which 1875 are currently active || Played matches: 82218

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What is CCS?
CCS stands for Coach Competitive Score. This score estimates the skill level of a player based on all games they have played on draft-league.nl. CCS is based on the well-known and trusted elo principles. Click here for a full rundown of how CCS works.
Coach Competitive Score Leaderboard - Active Coaches
Coach Competitive Score Leaderboard - League History*
Rank Team CCS score
1 Helsinki Hydreigons 1782
2 Immunity Idols 1696
3 Chicago Strength Sap 1676
4 Montreal Skorupis 1655
5 Chernobyl Dragalges 1635
6 Uppsala Umbreons 1624
7 Calgary Flamethrowers 1619
8 Montreal Milotics 1610
9 Vancouver Titangs 1597
10 New York Empoleon 1590
11 Trostu Garados 1590
12 Atlanta Victinis 1561
13 Cotswold Whimsicotts 1556
14 Delaware Dittos 1552
15 Ok Rillaboomers 1522
16 Sacramento Sandslash 1492
17 Indiana Tracers 1487
18 Carolina Haxorus 1469
19 Miami Mence 1462
20 Walt Disney Landorus 1452
21 Townsville Tyranitars 1424
22 Austin Tauros 1421
23 Borussia Donphan 1413
24 Hellblaze Volcaronas 1364

*A team needs to play at least 5 games in this specific league in order to show up in this ranking.