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What is the CCS score?
CCS stands for Coach Competitive Score. This score is a number between 1 and -1 that estimates the skill level of a coach. The score takes into account every battle a coach has played in any league on draft-league.nl, how well a coach does in playoffs and the competition the coach has faced so far. If a team seems to be missing from this page, that's because of that account being too new and therefore doesn't have a solid number of games played for the formula to calculate a score.

This leaderboard will be updated once every day. The updated CCS score of a coach can always be found on the team page.
Coach Competitive Score Leaderboard - Active Coaches
Rank Team CCS score
1 Brick Breaking Krookodiles 0.31887
2 Fort Wayne Durants 0.15533
3 Seattle Dragonairs 0.0459
4 Philadelphia Phantumps 0.01969
5 Rome Empoleons 0.00166
6 Chicago Charizards -0.0187
7 South Derry Scizors -0.02765
8 Australian Arcanines -0.07819
9 Rock City Tyranitars -0.181
10 Las Vegas Latias -0.18623
Coach Competitive Score Leaderboard - League History*
Rank Team CCS score
1 Neosho Necrozma 0.45218
2 Enschede Ponytas 0.35984
3 Brick Breaking Krookodiles 0.31887
4 Albany Abomasnows 0.19586
5 Seattle Mareanie 0.19295
6 Fort Wayne Durants 0.15533
7 Iowa Jolteons 0.11579
8 Moon Valley Mewtwo 0.04962
9 Seattle Dragonairs 0.0459
10 Adelaide Alolan-Vulpix 0.04075
11 Kansas City Donphans 0.0212
12 Philadelphia Phantumps 0.01969
13 Vancouver Kyogres 0.01731
14 Mesa City Machamp 0.00225
15 Rome Empoleons 0.00166
16 Chicago Charizards -0.0187
17 South Derry Scizors -0.02765
18 FreezeThorn Night Shadez -0.0327
19 Galladeatasaray -0.03457
20 New England Braviarys -0.06859
21 Australian Arcanines -0.07819
22 Toronto Tyrantrums -0.07961
23 Rock City Tyranitars -0.181
24 Las Vegas Latias -0.18623
25 Psychadelic Psyducks -0.2807

*A team needs to play at least 5 games in this specific league in order to show up in this ranking.