The draft league format is one of the formats used to play competitive Pokemon. The format focuses on the ability to counter team your opponent the best way possible.
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1. Sweet Apple Gluttons
A Tier Rillaboom
B Tier Mimikyu
B Tier Hawlucha
C Tier Pelipper
C Tier Escavalier
D Tier Turtonator
E Tier Herdier
Free Qwilfish 0
Free Boltund 10
Free Krookodile 15
Remaining points 5
2. Springfield Shedinjas
A Tier Whimsicott
B Tier Kingdra
B Tier Politoed
C Tier Gothorita
C Tier Durant
D Tier Zoroark
E Tier Drakloak
Free Arcanine 20
Free Dragalge 10
Free Spiritomb 0
Remaining points 0
3. Phoenix Rising Voltage
A Tier Indeedee-Female
B Tier Hatterene
B Tier Blastoise
C Tier Torracat
C Tier Bisharp
D Tier Trevenant
E Tier Drifloon
Free Galvantula 10
Free Regidrago 15
Free Accelgor 5
Remaining points 0
4. Wedgehurst Whimsicotts
A Tier Rotom-Wash
B Tier Mamoswine
B Tier Scrafty
C Tier Gardevoir
C Tier Appletun
D Tier Manectric
E Tier Mawile
Free Entei 20
Free Beheeyem 5
Free Persian 5
Remaining points 0
5. Bird Swarm
A Tier Tapu Fini
B Tier Drifblim
B Tier Hitmontop
C Tier Togedemaru
C Tier Coalossal
D Tier Maractus
E Tier Impidimp
Free Porygon-Z 15
Free Glaceon 5
Free Slowbro-Galar 10
Remaining points 0
6. Pinning Chespins
A Tier Incineroar
B Tier Bronzong
B Tier Conkeldurr
C Tier Arctozolt
C Tier Aromatisse
D Tier Dugtrio
E Tier Vullaby
Free Suicune 20
Free Vanilluxe 10
Free Haunter 0
Remaining points 0
7. Scuba Squirtles
A Tier Tapu Koko
B Tier Darmanitan-Galar
B Tier Gastrodon
C Tier Silvally
C Tier Flapple
D Tier Flareon
E Tier Carbink
Free Cresselia 20
Free Raichu-Alola 10
Free Ferroseed 0
Remaining points 0
8. Massachuesetts Meltans
A Tier Urshifu-Single-Strike
B Tier Latios
B Tier Raichu
C Tier Tentacruel
C Tier Swampert
D Tier Foongus
E Tier Avalugg
Free Celesteela 20
Free Leafeon 10
Free Porygon 0
Remaining points 0
9. Birmingham Beedrills
A Tier Tornadus-Incarnate
B Tier Togetic
B Tier Nihilego
C Tier Thwackey
C Tier Tauros
D Tier Morpeko
E Tier Quagsire
Free Hitmonlee 10
Free Lucario 10
Free Salazzle 10
Remaining points 0
10. San Francisco Smeargles
A Tier Landorus-Incarnate
B Tier Mienshao
B Tier Araquanid
C Tier Froslass
C Tier Oranguru
D Tier Luxray
E Tier Sandslash
Free Umbreon 15
Free Gigalith 15
Free Doublade 0
Remaining points 0
11. Austrian Isopods
A Tier Metagross
B Tier Crobat
B Tier Braviary
C Tier Diggersby
C Tier Cradily
D Tier Rotom-Frost
E Tier Barbaracle
Free Togepi 5
Free Chandelure 15
Free Lilligant 10
Remaining points 0
12. Amazing Azumarills
A Tier Gothitelle
B Tier Azumarill
B Tier Registeel
C Tier Centiskorch
C Tier Guzzlord
D Tier Tangela
E Tier Piloswine
Free Regieleki 20
Free Sigilyph 10
Free Grapploct 0
Remaining points 0
13. Rocket City Cosmogs
A Tier Volcarona
B Tier Milotic
B Tier Salamence
C Tier Rotom-Mow
C Tier Copperajah
D Tier Morgrem
E Tier Throh
Free Slowbro 15
Free Lycanroc-Midday 5
Free Hippowdon 10
Remaining points 0
14. Tyrannical Tyranitars
A Tier Kartana
B Tier Sylveon
B Tier Marowak-Alola
C Tier Inteleon
C Tier Drapion
D Tier Riolu
E Tier Unfezant
Free Porygon2 20
Free Grookey 5
Free Dubwool 5
Remaining points 0
15. Dallas Duraludons
A Tier Indeedee-Male
B Tier Thundurus-Incarnate
B Tier Heatran
C Tier Jellicent
C Tier Kommo-o
D Tier Lurantis
E Tier Wartortle
Free Pheromosa 15
Free Weavile 15
Free Stunfisk 0
Remaining points 0
16. Chicago Beartics
A Tier Urshifu-Rapid-Strike
B Tier Talonflame
B Tier Tsareena
C Tier Toxapex
C Tier Espeon
D Tier Rhydon
E Tier Stonjourner
Free Thundurus-Therian 15
Free Goodra 15
Free Cubchoo 0
Remaining points 0
17. Victoria Buzzwole
A Tier Landorus-Therian
B Tier Clefable
B Tier Dusclops
C Tier Obstagoon
C Tier Buzzwole
D Tier Cottonee
E Tier Gothita
Free Xurkitree 15
Free Octillery 5
Free Archeops 10
Remaining points 0
18. South Shore Umbreons
A Tier Tapu Lele
B Tier Aegislash
B Tier Aerodactyl
C Tier Clawitzer
C Tier Roserade
D Tier Thievul
E Tier Heatmor
Free Raikou 15
Free Wigglytuff 5
Free Gallade 10
Remaining points 0
The draft pick by pick
Pick number Team Pokemon Draft slot
1 Sweet Apple Gluttons Rillaboom A Tier
2 Springfield Shedinjas Whimsicott A Tier
3 Phoenix Rising Voltage Indeedee-Female A Tier
4 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Rotom-Wash A Tier
5 Bird Swarm Tapu Fini A Tier
6 Pinning Chespins Incineroar A Tier
7 Scuba Squirtles Tapu Koko A Tier
8 Massachuesetts Meltans Urshifu-Single-Strike A Tier
9 Birmingham Beedrills Tornadus-Incarnate A Tier
10 San Francisco Smeargles Mienshao B Tier
11 Austrian Isopods Crobat B Tier
12 Amazing Azumarills Gothitelle A Tier
13 Rocket City Cosmogs Volcarona A Tier
14 Tyrannical Tyranitars Kartana A Tier
15 Dallas Duraludons Thundurus-Incarnate B Tier
16 Chicago Beartics Urshifu-Rapid-Strike A Tier
17 Victoria Buzzwole Clefable B Tier
18 South Shore Umbreons Tapu Lele A Tier
19 South Shore Umbreons Aegislash B Tier
20 Victoria Buzzwole Landorus-Therian A Tier
21 Chicago Beartics Talonflame B Tier
22 Dallas Duraludons Heatran B Tier
23 Tyrannical Tyranitars Sylveon B Tier
24 Rocket City Cosmogs Milotic B Tier
25 Amazing Azumarills Regieleki Free
26 Austrian Isopods Metagross A Tier
27 San Francisco Smeargles Araquanid B Tier
28 Birmingham Beedrills Togetic B Tier
29 Massachuesetts Meltans Latios B Tier
30 Scuba Squirtles Darmanitan-Galar B Tier
31 Pinning Chespins Bronzong B Tier
32 Bird Swarm Drifblim B Tier
33 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Mamoswine B Tier
34 Phoenix Rising Voltage Torracat C Tier
35 Springfield Shedinjas Arcanine Free
36 Sweet Apple Gluttons Pelipper C Tier
37 Sweet Apple Gluttons Escavalier C Tier
38 Springfield Shedinjas Gothorita C Tier
39 Phoenix Rising Voltage Hatterene B Tier
40 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Entei Free
41 Bird Swarm Hitmontop B Tier
42 Pinning Chespins Conkeldurr B Tier
43 Scuba Squirtles Cresselia Free
44 Massachuesetts Meltans Raichu B Tier
45 Birmingham Beedrills Thwackey C Tier
46 San Francisco Smeargles Landorus-Incarnate A Tier
47 Austrian Isopods Braviary B Tier
48 Amazing Azumarills Azumarill B Tier
49 Rocket City Cosmogs Salamence B Tier
50 Tyrannical Tyranitars Porygon2 Free
51 Dallas Duraludons Jellicent C Tier
52 Chicago Beartics Tsareena B Tier
53 Victoria Buzzwole Gothita E Tier
54 South Shore Umbreons Aerodactyl B Tier
55 South Shore Umbreons Thievul D Tier
56 Victoria Buzzwole Dusclops B Tier
57 Chicago Beartics Thundurus-Therian Free
58 Dallas Duraludons Pheromosa Free
59 Tyrannical Tyranitars Marowak-Alola B Tier
60 Rocket City Cosmogs Rotom-Mow C Tier
61 Amazing Azumarills Registeel B Tier
62 Austrian Isopods Diggersby C Tier
63 San Francisco Smeargles Umbreon Free
64 Birmingham Beedrills Nihilego B Tier
65 Massachuesetts Meltans Celesteela Free
66 Scuba Squirtles Gastrodon B Tier
67 Pinning Chespins Arctozolt C Tier
68 Bird Swarm Porygon-Z Free
69 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Scrafty B Tier
70 Phoenix Rising Voltage Blastoise B Tier
71 Springfield Shedinjas Kingdra B Tier
72 Sweet Apple Gluttons Mimikyu B Tier
73 Sweet Apple Gluttons Hawlucha B Tier
74 Springfield Shedinjas Politoed B Tier
75 Phoenix Rising Voltage Bisharp C Tier
76 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Gardevoir C Tier
77 Bird Swarm Togedemaru C Tier
78 Pinning Chespins Suicune Free
79 Scuba Squirtles Silvally C Tier
80 Massachuesetts Meltans Tentacruel C Tier
81 Birmingham Beedrills Tauros C Tier
82 San Francisco Smeargles Luxray D Tier
83 Austrian Isopods Cradily C Tier
84 Amazing Azumarills Centiskorch C Tier
85 Rocket City Cosmogs Morgrem D Tier
86 Tyrannical Tyranitars Inteleon C Tier
87 Dallas Duraludons Indeedee-Male A Tier
88 Chicago Beartics Goodra Free
89 Victoria Buzzwole Xurkitree Free
90 South Shore Umbreons Raikou Free
91 South Shore Umbreons Clawitzer C Tier
92 Victoria Buzzwole Cottonee D Tier
93 Chicago Beartics Stonjourner E Tier
94 Dallas Duraludons Lurantis D Tier
95 Tyrannical Tyranitars Riolu D Tier
96 Rocket City Cosmogs Slowbro Free
97 Amazing Azumarills Tangela D Tier
98 Austrian Isopods Rotom-Frost D Tier
99 San Francisco Smeargles Froslass C Tier
100 Birmingham Beedrills Morpeko D Tier
101 Massachuesetts Meltans Foongus D Tier
102 Scuba Squirtles Flapple C Tier
103 Pinning Chespins Dugtrio D Tier
104 Bird Swarm Maractus D Tier
105 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Manectric D Tier
106 Phoenix Rising Voltage Galvantula Free
107 Springfield Shedinjas Durant C Tier
108 Sweet Apple Gluttons Turtonator D Tier
109 Sweet Apple Gluttons Herdier E Tier
110 Springfield Shedinjas Dragalge Free
111 Phoenix Rising Voltage Trevenant D Tier
112 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Appletun C Tier
113 Bird Swarm Coalossal C Tier
114 Pinning Chespins Aromatisse C Tier
115 Scuba Squirtles Flareon D Tier
116 Massachuesetts Meltans Swampert C Tier
117 Birmingham Beedrills Quagsire E Tier
118 San Francisco Smeargles Gigalith Free
119 Austrian Isopods Togepi Free
120 Amazing Azumarills Guzzlord C Tier
121 Rocket City Cosmogs Copperajah C Tier
122 Tyrannical Tyranitars Drapion C Tier
123 Dallas Duraludons Weavile Free
124 Chicago Beartics Rhydon D Tier
125 Victoria Buzzwole Obstagoon C Tier
126 South Shore Umbreons Roserade C Tier
127 South Shore Umbreons Wigglytuff Free
128 Victoria Buzzwole Buzzwole C Tier
129 Chicago Beartics Toxapex C Tier
130 Dallas Duraludons Kommo-o C Tier
131 Tyrannical Tyranitars Grookey Free
132 Rocket City Cosmogs Lycanroc-Midday Free
133 Amazing Azumarills Sigilyph Free
134 Austrian Isopods Barbaracle E Tier
135 San Francisco Smeargles Oranguru C Tier
136 Birmingham Beedrills Hitmonlee Free
137 Massachuesetts Meltans Leafeon Free
138 Scuba Squirtles Carbink E Tier
139 Pinning Chespins Vanilluxe Free
140 Bird Swarm Impidimp E Tier
141 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Beheeyem Free
142 Phoenix Rising Voltage Drifloon E Tier
143 Springfield Shedinjas Zoroark D Tier
144 Sweet Apple Gluttons Qwilfish Free
145 Sweet Apple Gluttons Boltund Free
146 Springfield Shedinjas Drakloak E Tier
147 Phoenix Rising Voltage Regidrago Free
148 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Mawile E Tier
149 Bird Swarm Glaceon Free
150 Pinning Chespins Vullaby E Tier
151 Scuba Squirtles Raichu-Alola Free
152 Massachuesetts Meltans Avalugg E Tier
153 Birmingham Beedrills Lucario Free
154 San Francisco Smeargles Sandslash E Tier
155 Austrian Isopods Chandelure Free
156 Amazing Azumarills Piloswine E Tier
157 Rocket City Cosmogs Throh E Tier
158 Tyrannical Tyranitars Unfezant E Tier
159 Dallas Duraludons Wartortle E Tier
160 Chicago Beartics Espeon C Tier
161 Victoria Buzzwole Octillery Free
162 South Shore Umbreons Gallade Free
163 South Shore Umbreons Heatmor E Tier
164 Victoria Buzzwole Archeops Free
165 Chicago Beartics Cubchoo Free
166 Dallas Duraludons Stunfisk Free
167 Tyrannical Tyranitars Dubwool Free
168 Rocket City Cosmogs Hippowdon Free
169 Amazing Azumarills Grapploct Free
170 Austrian Isopods Lilligant Free
171 San Francisco Smeargles Doublade Free
172 Birmingham Beedrills Salazzle Free
173 Massachuesetts Meltans Porygon Free
174 Scuba Squirtles Ferroseed Free
175 Pinning Chespins Haunter Free
176 Bird Swarm Slowbro-Galar Free
177 Wedgehurst Whimsicotts Persian Free
178 Phoenix Rising Voltage Accelgor Free
179 Springfield Shedinjas Spiritomb Free
180 Sweet Apple Gluttons Krookodile Free