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Match details

Ok Rillaboomer
Lapras Tituta
Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/upiao-gen8upiaocup-356

Pokemon Direct kills Indirect kills Fainted
Cinderace 0 0 Fainted
Flygon 0 0 Fainted
Gengar-Gmax 0 0 Fainted
Melmetal 0 0 Fainted
Rhyperior 1 0 Fainted
Sirfetchd 0 0 Fainted
Pokemon Direct kills Indirect kills Fainted
Charizard 0 0 Survived
Dracovish 4 0 Survived
Duraludon 0 0 Survived
Ninjask 0 0 Survived
Toxapex 2 0 Fainted
Vikavolt 0 0 Survived