The draft league format is one of the formats used to play competitive Pokemon. The format focuses on the ability to counter team your opponent the best way possible.
Draft-League.nl is one of the tools available for leagues to organize and automate most of the processes needed to play the format.
Draft-League.nl wants to make draft leagues accessible to everyone so everyone can experience the format and have fun playing it.
Besides that, Draft-League.nl aims to become a reliable source for draft league related information over time.

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Match details

Peoria Pidgeys
Waterford Woopers
Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8lc-1452187192
Pokemon Direct kills Indirect kills Fainted
Archen 1 0 Fainted
Chinchou 1 0 Fainted
Diglett (non Arena Trap) 3 0 Survived
Impidimp 1 0 Fainted
Natu 0 0 Survived
Ponyta 0 0 Fainted
Pokemon Direct kills Indirect kills Fainted
Drilbur 0 0 Fainted
Elekid 2 0 Fainted
Larvesta 0 0 Fainted
Mantyke 0 0 Fainted
Mienfoo 2 0 Fainted
Skorupi 0 0 Fainted